"HILLA" and "RANGER" -Litter has born 24.3.2022

Beautiful male puppy available, contacts tarja.veijonen@hotmail.fi

3 Females 1 red and white, 1 gray and white and 1 dark grey and white
1 Male red and white

Snowfrost Caramel "EVELYN"

Snowfrost Flames On Fire "ADELE"

KuSnowfrost Touch Of Gold "MARLON"


OUR SLEDDOGS: Leaders: Snowfrost Crystal Ice "TINTTI" & Snowfrost Ice Design "TAIGA" Swing: Snowfrost Silver Stone "FROSTY" Team: Snowfrost Cover Girl "JADE" & Snowfrost Stone Breaker "ARMAN" Wheel: Snowfrost Quick Commander "INDY" & Arctic Power Deep Blue Sky "CARLOS"

Christmas 2021

Leaders: Taiga & Tintti ( Snowfrost Ice Design & Snowfrost Crystal Ice)
Swing : Frosty & Leia ( Snowfrost Silver Stone & Snowfrost Dancing On Ice)
Team : Arman & Jade (Snowfrost Stone Breaker & Snowfrost Cover Girl)
Team 2: Solo & Missy (Snowfrost Designing Style & Husqvarna Unique Beauty For Snowfrost)
Wheel : Carlos & Indy (Arctic Power Deep Blue Sky & Snowfrost Quick Commander)